Ahanu "The Joker" Takoda

The punk that always feels lucky


Native American Human
No hard stats yet, but will be mainly focused on hacking and a secondary on charisma (aka being face #2)


Quick stuff

  • Moderate addiction to gambling
  • Tried to cheat a Yakuza casino. That ended poorly. He made it up to them with a run, and continues to do so when they call on him. They kind of own him.
  • Infiltrated and/or Hacked the Triads on runs for the Yakuza.
  • Has probably gone in with Princess on one or more of these runs, so they know each other.
  • Moderately allergic to smoke
  • Has an estranged daughter Stella, around age 10, from a marriage gone bad
  • Recruited by Nikita, a dimunitive Russian dwarf, to scam casinos out of money using hard to detect decking implants. Still in contact as a fixer.


“Just one more try at the vid-slots, maybe this time I’ll hit the jackpot.” Those are the words that got me into this mess in the first place. Natch one more try became many more tries, until I ran out of coin and was “escorted” out of the dimly lit and smoke filled casino. Ancestors, my body hates smoke so much, sending me into a painful wheezing fit, but the rush of adrenaline when the glitzy vidscreen almost lined up the 7s was too much to ignore. Anyways, this fateful day was when I ran into Nik while being shown the scenic exit of the Bellagio. He’s a short little Russian dwarf who’s seen a little too much in the Third Great Patriotic War, definitely missing some marbles. But that was what made him a genius. Said he was gathering people with faces that were still pretty and running a little game where we would turn the tables on the casinos. The only catch? You needed to be smart enough to be good with numbers and dumb enough so that you think a 20/80 split is a fantastic deal.

This is it, I thought. I’ll finally show Stella that her mother got it all wrong when she took her and left. That maybe chance will finally smile on me, that I’ll ride in on a mountain of gold. I told Nik that I’m in. Fast forward a few weeks, I got these fancy new cybernetic decking implants that let me and manipulate the numbers game in the casinos. Life was pretty good for our merry little band for a while. We would waltz into different casinos and look the part of vid-slot junkies while rearranging the quantum probability generators ever so slightly in our favor. It was a good gig, as long as you could dodge the ice. Unfortunately, it’s a completely different story trying to dodge the business end of a club wielded by a bunch of Yakuza trolls. Had the misfortune of pulling the bandit’s arm one too many times at this Yakuza operation, and the Yakuza are not used to being the ones that are stolen from. Gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse: pay them back for this little transgression, with interest. Natch said interest was 20% every day, compounded every second. What if I said no? Well, being used for sword practice was the alternative, and I had no interest of being shipped back to my maker with some “reassembly” required.

Luckily for me, they had a job they needed a discreet decker for. Needed to raid a Triad warehouse, but it was locked down tight. They needed someone who was all smiles on the outside and all secops on the inside. Turns out I had the face and the hidden implants to do the job. Said the job was easy: just put on some fake clothes and some fake SIN, pretend to be a Triad, unlock the doors from the inside. Oh, and if you get caught, don’t worry about it: dead men tell no tales. Great. Thank the ancestors that everything went fine, got in, hacked the maglocks, and cheezed some idiot poker player online, all in a night’s work. Less thankful that according to the Yakuza, I still owe them and are on the hook for odd decking jobs they need done. Sometimes I wonder what would be different in the great cosmic dice were rolled again. Then I pull up the VR interface for Matrix craps and roll my own dice a couple of times. Snake eyes again… today is not my day.

Ahanu "The Joker" Takoda

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