Risa Olvez "Pox"

Hacker on a Mission


Latina Human: 5’0 with black hair, dark eyes, and average features.


Pox, born Risa Olvez, grew up with her father in a factory suburb near the heart of Aztlan. She was only ten when she first discovered she had an unusual knack for making technology do what she wanted. Her dad discouraged her from tinkering with the skill. He knew what happened to people who stood out Aztechnology’s territory.

Risa’s efforts to appear normal fell apart when her father was killed in an accident at the factory. Sixteen and enraged by grief, Risa disappeared into the underground. The skills she’d spent so many years suppressing earned her a place in the local hacker community, and the caution she’d practiced since childhood kept her from the notice of Aztechnology — barely. Risa dug up every scrap of information she could find on the accident that had stolen her only family. Turned out the destruction of the factory was an accident, it just wasn’t caused by the gas leak Aztechnology publicized. Apparently telling people your pet blood mage screwed up his summoning ritual and accidentally exploded his secret under-factory lab, murdering hundreds, wasn’t great for the PR department.

Snooping for information on her father’s death brought Risa to the attention of the local anarchist movement Desaparecidos. The group was eager to recruit someone of Risa’s skills, and she was equally happy to join them in their hunt for the truth about the hundreds who vanished from Aztechnology controlled cities every year. Among the Desaparecidos she found a second family, people who refused to let their fear of Aztechnology silence them. But as they closed in on the location of what they were pretty sure was one of Aztechnology’s secret ritual sites, their HQ was attacked by a heavily armored security squad.

Risa got knocked out early in the fight. She woke tied up next to some scruffy Brit in Aztechnology battle armor. But before she could sort out an escape route, the guy said something that stopped her cold. The hit wasn’t really about the Desaprecidos. It was about her. Aztechnology had tracked her through their systems and now they wanted to have a little chat. The Brit was part of the cleanup crew, tasked with making sure the rest of the Desaprecidos disappeared for good. Thing was, he didn’t want to do it.

Risa wasn’t about to trust anyone with the Aztech logo stamped on his sleeve, but choices were slim and the armory of grenades strapped to the Brit’s pack made for a very convincing argument. Together they organized a distraction, systems blackout paired with some good old fashioned booms. It was enough to get them and the surviving Desaparecidos out of the area before the rest of the Brit’s team could seal their trap. The week that followed was of the sort Risa doesn’t especially like to remember, but she managed to get in touch with a smuggler named Flicker who the Desaprecidos had used in the past. He got them out Aztechnology’s territory and helped them set up a couple of new SINs.

Flicker got them as far as northern California, and recommended a friend who could help set them up in Seattle. Risa knew she owed the Brit a debt, and she couldn’t deny that their skills had made for an effective combination. She established herself as a runner, taking the name Small Pox, and earning a reputation as an effective hacker. When jobs came in that required a physical element, she teamed up with the Brit, aka Red Coat, establishing a relationship of mutual mistrust and grudging respect. But just because she’d gotten out didn’t mean she was going to give up her vendetta against Aztechnology. When not on runs, Risa spends her time with local anarchist groups, trying to spread the word about what she saw living in Aztlan, painting anti-Aztechnology street art, and organizing boycotts against the occasional burger joint.

Risa Olvez "Pox"

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