Rupert Hughes "Red Coat"

Badass British Bomber


Rupert is a highly disgruntled and scarred British national. The side of his face is a splattering of crisscross scars mixed with burns from an explosion. This adds to his menacing look when he’s angry. However, there’s always a clam composure and professionalism behind his every move from years of intermixing with combat situations. He is often known to have small British flags on his person to underhandedly support his former nation’s glory.

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With an upper class upbringing, Rupert wishes to move on and make his own life. He was a natural for languages in school but soon found his passion in chemistry and electronics. This passion soon found him working for the Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries as an explosives engineer. He took quickly to making custom explosives that outperformed their off the counter counterparts. With a steady job and interesting work, he settled down in his hometown in England with his lovely wife Laura. Soon he had two children, a nice size house, and a snippety dog to watch over. His work began consuming more and more of his time but he blocked off as much time as he could to spend with his loving family.

Meanwhile his success with his work was such that he began being brought on corporation espionage missions to sabotage other corporation interests around the world. One day, on one such sabotage mission, an explosive charge detonated a mere 50 feet from Rupert causing extensive minor tissue damage and hospitalization for several weeks. His identity and association was linked back to Saeder-Krupp, leading to a deal with Aztech to acquire his skills for a pretty chunk of change and the sake of corporate distancing.

Rupert ended up living in Aztech with monthly or bi-monthly visit back to England to see his growingly disgruntled family. His work began to focus more and more on civilian targets where he’s sent on wet ops to coerce locals into Aztech plans. The darker missions begin to harden him into an elite weapons and applied explosives expert. Eventually on a run to a small village he was missioned with kidnapping a young woman with certain skills with technology. However after successfully extracting her he was then ordered to activate explosive charges on the entire village. Having had enough of Aztech and its murderous ways, Rupert decided to take action and sabotaged the explosives, lead the villagers to safety, and used a contact of the woman’s to escape capture.

As retaliation for his little stint Aztech hit back. They put a hit out on his entire family, ending the lives of everyone Rupert cared about. Torn by grief and anger he escaped to California with ‘Pox’ via her smuggler contact, planning a fiery vengeance upon the corporate bastards that cared so little for human life. He took on the runner same of ‘Red Coat’ and began building: building explosives to destroy everything Aztech. Using his sympathetic former college to gather intel on corporate rats, Red Coat is on a mission. But first he needs the capital to pull off his master plans.

Rupert Hughes "Red Coat"

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