Renraku Arcology

Years ago, the Renraku Arcology was the center of the second great matrix crash. Renraku was forced to abandon it and the government of Seattle claimed it as public housing. Renrarku left a top secret project there, though, when they abandoned it, and the party was sent to retrieve that project by Mr. Johnson for their first run.

The Arcology is at the heart of a gang war. That war was temporarily stabilized by the Yakuza, putting the Ancients in control of the arcology to try and keep the smuggling routes clean of violence. After the party’s run, gang control destabilized again and the police took control of the building to keep the Halloweeners and Ancients from killing the inhabitants.

An Ultraviolet rated host hidden on a secret research floor in the heart of the arcology held the project the runners were looking for: O.R.C.A., an AI in the form of a whale. O.R.C.A. later unlocked a secret passage to a small lab underneath the arcology where Pox found the second half of the project: two large jars of nanites.

Tired of living in a hovel by the river, Black Lotus ponied up some of his hard earned drug money for a small flat on the 23rd floor.

Renraku Arcology

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