Timberwolves Stadium

The home stadium for the Timberwolves team. Though it’s located in cold, windy, rainy Seattle, the stadium is an open, outdoor stadium. The wild weather patterns provide unique challenges to the sport, and therefore a unique home field advantage to the Timberwolves. It does have weather shielding to provide for other sporting activities in the off season, but its rarely used.

Sponsorship, and therefore the name, of the stadium changes frequently due to the rising popularity of the Combat Biker sport. Currently its name it the “Aztec Battle Dome.”

The party investigated an illegal dogfighting ring using the stadium for bloody, high stakes gambling. The party shut down the operation by blowing up the hellhounds and barghests with 9 kilos of ammonium nitrate. This also blew up the home locker room and did structural damage to the stadium, forcing the Timberwolves to play at the Hogs’ stadium for a couple of weeks until their stadium got back up to code.

The party also wired up the stadium with some microcameras in their investigation. Though most of them were caught and removed by security sweeps, a few remain in place, most notably one in an unowned corporate skybox (the one with the worst view of the stadium).

Timberwolves Stadium

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