Rising Orca

Acronym Anomaly

FDA, CDC, and DEA, oh my!

Just the outline for now

  • Mai wants to push ‘Vaccine Water’ homeopathic anti-vaxxer vax through FDA. But it’s just tap water, because homeopathy is BS. Needs runner assistance.
  • Joker and Princess pose as GAO employees to infiltrate FDA. Have some interviews, meet some people, steal and copy a keycard. They also go out for drinks with said employees.
  • Nearly get caught by Carl, the comptroller, but they double-bluff him into thinking they were testing him when they caught onto his test of them
  • Plant/Call in Bomb Threat on subway to prevent stolen-card employee from making it into work ontime that day.
  • “Geev us vat ve vant, or Dmitry here vill blow up the subway. He’ll do eet!”
  • Head down into lab and, after intense hacky hacking and lying, swap contents of “proper” homeopathic remedy into ‘Vaccine Water’ test vial, to ensure ‘approval’.
  • Princess owns a set of FDA-approved goggles and gloves now (this is obviously super important).
  • Joker has no idea how close he was to convergence.
  • Jessica has a bad day. First the card reader, then the cabinet key, then public transit, then the feral man and the lockdown… poor Jessica
  • Note CDC carrying in feral man who hauls after them upon breaking free. Joker hacks elevator to break through lockdown and gets them out.
  • Mention feral man to Johnson, Johnson hires them to go back in and extract feral man. Got to get potential CFD cases out of the government’s hands and into her organization – this would be the first CFD case in Seattle if it tests positive, which would be bad.
  • Monarch, Lotus, Red Coat go to fvck up the Merlyns, the gang in the supply chain they believe cut the deepweed.
  • (Nick, somebody fill me in, here? Something something Shade strapped to explosives? Something diarrhea pizza?)
  • DEA roflstomps the party. Mission… complete?
  • All 5 go to perform the extraction for Johnson.
  • Monarch, Lotus, Red Coat walk right into secure CDC room without having Joker check cameras. To be fair, even if he had checked the cameras, things would’ve played out almost exactly the same. The people inside don’t believe Monarch’s “FDA on special assignment” lie for a second
  • Guards and scientists easily go down with taser and super-umbrella. A pommel pommeling happens.
  • Lockdown. Red alert. Lotus makes all of the things invisible while the other two sedate the two cases in the secure room.
  • Fleeing route is roundabout. First downstairs, then on top of the elevator, then out the back to steal a car. All supported by Joker on Cyberdeck, who nearly gets dumpshocked by the two security spiders on his tail.
  • Car chase (Nick, someone, fill in?)
  • Joker and Princess take the lock down to bluff back into FDA floor they’re already on and fast-track Vaccine Water approval
  • Something Jabberwocky Project something git joke something Joker can’t use a normal computer something nobody likes Carl
  • Princess stalls for Joker like nobody’s business
  • “Laura! Laura!” chant

Princess – Ugh, Carl – Nobody likes you, Carl
Lotus – Trust me – Pistols can fire RPGs


princess princess

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