Rising Orca

Asleep at the Wheel

Take that, coma patients

Summary. Incomplete. Etc. Etc.

  • Joker and bricks sniper’s gun and take over an electromagnet
  • Seraph holds the Red Samurai on the docks at bay (Mob Mind)
  • Princess makes friends with the dock workers and starts a strike
  • Monarch goes invisible with Searph’s aid to corrupt the shipment. (Icons switched – Red Samurai is guarding the wrong one)
  • Speed Racer upgrades the boat.
  • Going well until the Red Samurai start getting curious about the other container.
  • Also, rather than wait, Speed Racer pulls the getaway boat right up alongside (into?) the mark boat, alerting everyone. “We leave. Now.”
  • Once Jig is up, Kitten leaps onto the large boat to start unloading crates of Comatherapy with Lotus, Red Coat. Monarch provides covering fire to stall the Samurai.
  • Electromagnet brings over Renrarku shipping crate, then is used to slow/stop Red Samurai, because Cyberware.
  • Racer starts to leave without Monarch and Princess. Thank god for points in Gymnastics.
  • Drop off stolen portion of Comatherapy at a South Outremer Island.
  • Lotus, Red Coat, Pox go into Northern Seattle/Salish Bay marshes for blood mage hunting.
  • FInd Adept sipping tea in abandoned house in marshes. One shot from Red Coat takes him out of the fight.
  • Other blood mage summons to blood spirits and tries to fend off astral pestering from Lotus to complete his fight.
  • Pox breaks in to try and rescue people. Realizes people in cages are probably better at lockpicking than her. Hands over lockpicks, goes back outside.
  • Pox is recording whole thing. Makes a dramatic anti-aztech documentary out of it.
  • Red Coat discovers Blood Spirits are nauseating and terrifying. Pox hurls a grenade to help, detonating the blood spirit and nearly taking out Red Coat as well.
  • Lotus eventually wins fight against Blood Mage. Party goes in to clean up. Giant cat spirit protects the adept, but they get to put a bullet in the head of the mage, killing him super dead.
  • Go around the marsh hunting down the escapees to they can safely return them to Seattle.
  • Bring back the blood mage’s knife/focus (Athame). Talismonger flips out upon seeing it. They handle it with thermite.
  • Full party reconvenes with Johnson. Johnson says she’d like to fill them in more, but she needs to be sure she can trust them: What did you really do with the thing from run #1?
  • Only Pox knows she stole it, and so nobody says anything, and Johnson ends the conversation. Pox then comes clean to a few party members afterwards, and a few of them get to meet Panda/O.R.C.A.

Mo Karma
Mo Money
Racer – Boat – Your plan is invalid


princess clarionx

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