Rising Orca

Good Morning, Everett

So much to do, so much time

This isn’t complete – it’s an outline.

  • Hired to corrupt shipment of Awake Compatherapy
  • Pox finds out Cloud’s team is interested in doing runs at Everett Port.
  • Lotus finds there are lovely drugs to steal in the area.
  • Red Coat gets tipoff to Blood Magic/Aztech activity in area
  • Pox, Monarch, Joker go to hack port host with Cloud, Quark. Crit glitch disguise for Pox. “Stapler” ensues. Monarch tries to recover with “bring handicapped daughter to work”. Uncouth doesn’t let him get away with that.
  • Pox, Cloud, Quark hack into host. Quark finds and edits files, Cloud fights of IC, Pox looks for video feeds to help find Blood Mages.
  • Monarch and Joker go around taking out the security spiders in Meatspace. Monarch picks multiple locks and tases multiple people unconscious in the time it takes Joker to beat one guy out.
  • Lotus, Red Coat, Princess, go to steal novacoke from local Everett gang. Racer runs getaway car. Try to bluff/sneak way in. That goes… okay. Stuff happens, hiding in cocaine not great against thermographic vision, Princess shoots a guy in the dick.
  • Party rejoins together. Using Pox’s data, go to deal with product corruption in advance in the warehouse. Red Coat tries to distract the guards protecting the shipping container with a “ruffian”/“wild ganger” getup. The Red Samurai are not ammused.
  • Pox finds Cloud doing some hacking and icon swapping on crates. Figures out the same shipment they’re corrupting, the other runner team is trying to steal from underneath them.
  • Parties come to a deal. Steal half, corrupt the other half. Thankfully, the other party already has a boat and plan to steal a shipping container, so they can help steal Renraku computer goods for Joker instead.


6 Karma

Something something cash.

Princess – Dude, Weak – Shot a guy in the dick
Lotus – Surprise? – Nice lying, there
Red Coat – Nobody here but us Cocaine – Best highding spot
Joker – Manual Hacking – Lamp beats deck
Pox – Stapler – Stapler
Monarch – Handicapped Con – Bring your disabled daughter to work day


princess clarionx

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