Rising Orca

Special Delivery

He gave her his heart, guys.

Incomplete. Just outline.

  • Mai’s charity for Johnson’s who can’t pay good. (Gambling on recorded runs)
  • Thomas Braun needs package delivered to Tir to one “Amanda G. Noir”
  • Tell her he sent “something extra” so they know who sent it
  • Package is physically, digitally, and astrally sealed. It’s “very personal”
  • Because border checkpoints suck, party buys a small boat, crab fishing licenses, and gear and heads out to international waters under the guise of “deadliest catch – 6th world edition”
  • Pirates attack. Jet ski pirates. They die easily.
  • Monarch and Lotus jet ski joust. It goes very poorly. So poorly, and giant enemy crab appears
  • Enemy crab is really just after deepweed Lotus is shipping down to Tir to try and make new drug contact/connection for step-brother
  • Lucky harpoon shots latch onto crab claw.
  • Red Coat brought depth charges.
  • Party pulls into port in Tir with giant crab claw full of crab meat. (Lotus and Monarch take the illegal stuff by jetski out to a beach/cliff/forest to meet with party later.)
  • Rent car, drive to meet with drug contact
  • Drug negotiation goes poorly. Someone cut the deepweed.
  • Go to meet Amanda. She thanks them profusely and insists they stay the night and have dinner.
  • Talks about previous runners that stayed with her, her connections, her life, how she screwed Thomas (in the sexy way), etc.
  • They have dinner. Steak tartar. It’s not steak tartar. It’s elf-heart. Thomas’s heart. Because Thomas made a deal with a dragon and screwed up, so Amanda gets to eat his heart. But he literalled his way out of dying by going to Seattle to get a cyber-heart and ship her his real one, along with a replacement “pet runner” team.
    • Did we mention Amanda is a dragon? Her name’s an anagram, with a bonus ‘n’ so it sounds better.
  • Amanda promises she’ll have work in the morning, but encourages the party to sleep well.
  • Racer stayed with the boat to sell the crab meat. Makes friends in bar. Local Russian tradesman. Much rejoicing (vodka) is had.

Nothing… yet
(Need to lookup bonus karmas in notes)


princess clarionx

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