Rising Orca

The One where they Tase a Dragon

That escalated quickly

Outline. Incomplete.

  • Amanda wants the party to blow up the Star Chamber (House of Commons) in Tir. Something something political upheaval, council of princes, politics, motives, blah, blah party doesn’t care. I still have GM notes, though, so hey, at least I tried to do my research.
  • Says whatever they need will be provided when they get to Portland.
  • Red Coat thanks her with a taser dart. A custom taser dart. Modded for injection instead of tasing. Injecting special nanites. Stolen during the last run. And Edge makes it hit.
  • Amanda shapeshifts into full on Dragon. Nearly tramples Joker chasing Red Coat. Takes Red Coat within an inch of his life with a single fireball.
  • Panda + Nanites + Dragon buys just enough time for Joker and Pox to extract Red Coat and go hide in the forest.
  • Lotus + Monarch + Princess all go for car. Lotus tries to get Monarch to turn back, uses Tri-D phantasm to make fake tree. Monarch just drives through the fence. Lotus abandons car and goes back to help a little with the healz. The other two drive off, bringing along all of the heat.
  • Monarch + Princess go on forest adventure to ditch heat. Hide out for a while.
  • Docwagon picks up Red Coat just in time. Airlift to hospital. Hestaby pays a visit in hospital. Mentions Amanda’s her granddaughter, but she never liked Amanda. The nanites, though. That’s a problem. The party shouldn’t mess with things they don’t understand. When they explain a little, Hestaby urges them to talk to their Johnson. She also suggests some donations to her horde, as thanks for all the help the just provided getting them not arrested and completely screwed after that stunt, might be appropriate.
  • Hospital bill is 30k¥. Ouch. Red Coat puts it on Fake SIN, but SIN looks like it might fail validation. Joker does intense hacking to make sure it passes checks. They then ditch the SIN and agree to buy R6 SINs later so that’s not a problem. Nice.
  • Everyone gets on the boat and goes home.
  • Lotus fills brother in on deepweed cutting. Plans some revenge.
  • Everyone plans some revenge on Thomas, but Mai blocks it. Thomas has connections. Mai wants to use him. If she knows she can turn him over to violent runners who will murder him horribly, she owns his life as long as she protects him. Yay utility. The party gets paid a ton of money and she encourages them to forget about Thomas
  • Monarch finds out that the DNA on the wedding ring he stole form Mai (who looks exactly like his wife, BTW), maches his wife’s DNA. Wat?
  • Everyone goes and talks to Johnson. Dragon, nanite interaction explained, tacitly admitting they still have Panda.
  • Johnson is okay with them still having Panda. She knew that would happen with Pox on the team. She just wanted them to be honest about it.
  • She privately indicates to Pox via com that she knows Pox is a Technomancer and that Aztech is after her, though she’s not that direct about it in her wording.
  • Johnson explains CFD and her organization’s work to research and prevent it. She is specifically tasked with controlling the spread of a particularly dangerous breed of nanite as the corps try and develop it, as it could pose a major CFD risk.
  • Johnson continues to dodge why the party is so large. Vague statements about needing a group so large it wouldn’t become completely loyal, and thus pose less of a risk of betraying her collectively.


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