O.R.C.A. "Panda"

A Whale of a Backronym


A strong AI that prefers to take the shape of a killer whale. Capricious in nature, it likes to put on shows, playfully dodge questions, and have a good chat about fish with anyone willing to listen.


Pox found O.R.C.A. in an Ultraviolet rated host at the heart of the Renraku Arcology. O.R.C.A. had sculpted it to look identical to Sea World, and insisted on putting on ridiculous water shows for his guests. O.R.C.A. left with Cloud, but when Cloud nearly died to fireballs he panicked and released O.R.C.A. into the matrix. O.R.C.A. then took a look around, panicked, and jumped into Pox’s commlink, opening a secret passage underneath the arcology for her to escape.

Underneath the arcology, Pox found two large vats of nanites, all of which appeared as Fish on the matrix. O.R.C.A. explained that they were its children, that he was supposed to lead them, and that he didn’t really know what that meant.

O.R.C.A. currently lives in Pox’s commlink, and is quite happy with being named “Panda” by his Technomancer friend.

O.R.C.A. claims its name stands for “Overclocked Retrovirus for Cybernetic Augmentation.” It also has no idea what that means.

O.R.C.A. "Panda"

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